The house Kraig was going to build
(folgendes Jahr möglicherweise)

Amanda and Matt

Lauren and Tom
(Too much Glüwein, Tom?)

Paige and Elizabeth

Roby and Carlos

Roby and Reed

Steve and Chris


Michael and Jeff

Elias and Bruce

The House that John built


Lauren and Kevin review the final product

Eric and Nour look for the final candy
touches to complete their works of art

Little Peanut Grew Up!

After a late start... Cousin Eric won
the prize for most candy used

John upstaged by
Steve and Baby Joshua

Roby working on this year`s masterpiece

Don`t let the smiles fool you,
Anna and Mike are very competitive

Caitlin finding her muse,

Reed and Jeff take a break
from the hard work

Karen, Courtney, Kevin and Wallace.
Anyone need a drink?

Phil (after a slight alteration) steps back from the decorating frenzy.

Lauren and Michael enjoy a break
from their fierce collaboration

Mary Jo backs away from
the decorating frenzy

Nour and Courtney.
(Courtney, is that Red Wine on the granite!?!)

Soon-to-be Mrs.!

Maria was hiding

Symmetry, style... it has it all

Somebody likes gum drops

Very stylish design

Amanda, he did it all by himself

You can cover your head, but you can not hide

Thinking outside of the house

Working on the last detail

A little fun during break time

Look away from the camera... look away

The picture was taken when they were playing nice

Mariah better like this one!

Cracker Barrel--serving prejudice one pancake at a time

He is thinking to himself... I bet that would taste good

Fight on!

Really that happy... or too much spiked hot chocolate?

Will he be able to top this one this year?

Can you say chowdah?

Anna just loves Cracker Barrel

A house good enough for Mariah

Future member of a marching band

Walter would be proud

Crack ho in da crack haus

Beautiful German Chalet ready for occupancy

Simply elegant

This year they can decorate their new baby!

Amazing, more candy per square inch than any other house

So bright you can see the house (and the smile) from space

Not to be out done by her sister...

Another great house!

Would the real owner of this house please step forward? (Again, gluwein-induced amnesia.)

Another view of the unidentified house...

House unadorned.

Bauhaus - 2010. Great job, Dominik!

The Joshi family - view 1

The Joshi family - view 2

The Joshi family - view 3

The Joshi family - view 4

The Joshi family - view 5, in context

Eli's light house

Alex's heavily-storied creation

Kevin and Keith's light house

Creation by Master Dan

The Gingerbreadman Uses Powertools

Barbara`s house finds a home

Kevin and Pam take a break

House pieces ready for hot candy glass

The Gingerbreadman prepares the candy windows

Keith`s finishing touches (Kevin told him he was done an hour ago...)

Another view of Dan's masterpiece

The Gingerbreadman has too much gluwein...not sure whose house this is